Configuring SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups in Azure RM Virtual Machines

This week on a project I came up against the need to set up some AlwaysOn Availability Groups (AG’s) for SQL Server 2014 in an Azure IaaS environment, using v2 (or Resource Manager/ARM) based VMs as opposed to the v1 (or Service Manager/ASM) based ones. I came across varying bits of documentation to do with this, but it either didn’t have the ARM PowerShell cmdlets or it was a mix and match of scripts and UI actions which didn’t help me scripting the deployment, so after working through this, there are a few things that I learned. Continue reading “Configuring SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups in Azure RM Virtual Machines”

Directly querying SharePoint databases

One of the first rules of SharePoint that you learn when you start diving in to the product is that you shouldn’t ever touch the SharePoint databases – it’s fairly well known that you should leave them alone, but I’ve been asked the question a few times over the years “Well what if I’m just reading from the databases? Surely that’s ok because I’m not making any changes to the data”, so what I wanted to cover off in this post is why it’s not a great idea to read from the databases and what the impact of doing this is. Continue reading “Directly querying SharePoint databases”