Here are some links to different presentations and projects I’ve done and been involved with over the years.



The SharePointDsc project is designed to enable deployment and configuration of SharePoint Server for on-premises and IaaS based deployments, leveraging PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) as the engine.

DSC Studio

DSC Studio was a tool I put together to allow for template-based DSC script creation. Leveraging HTML and JavaScript, it’s user interface can speed up the creation of configuration scripts based on JSON templates.


SharePoint Automation with PowerShell DSC

Microsoft Virtual Academy | June 2017
My friend Nik Charlebois and I recorded a series of videos that introduce PowerShell DSC and how it can be used for SharePoint, covering off a lot of best practices and practical examples along the way.

Automating your Office 365 Administration with PowerShell and Azure Automation

Ignite Australia | February 2017
Mark Rhodes and I talk about ways you can automate your Office365 deployments using PowerShell.

Application Lifecycle Management for SharePoint and Office365 app development

Ignite New Zealand | August 2015
In this session, I talk about ways to incorporate good ALM and DevOps principles into your SharePoint and Office development.

SharePoint deployment automation with PowerShell Desired State Configuration

Ignite New Zealand | August 2015
Here I introduce the xSharePoint project (which was later renamed to SharePointDsc) and explain how it can be used to automate deployments.

Building Business Applications with SharePoint 2013 and K2

TechEd Australia | August 2013
Hennie Laubscher from K2 and I take the stage to talk about options for automating processes in SharePoint 2013, both out of the box as well as by leveraging K2’s products.

The SharePoint 2013 App Playbook – Your Guide to Building and Publishing a Great App

TechEd Australia | August 2013
The great Alex Burton and I put a session together based on our experiences in developing for the SharePoint app model, including our own personal checklists and playbooks to help you learn how to build better apps.

Improvements to BCS in SharePoint 2013

TechEd Australia | August 2013
In this short presentation, I give a quick rundown of whats new for the BCS service in SharePoint 2013.

SharePoint App Hosting 101 – Where Should I Put My App?

TechEd Australia | August 2013
Another short presentation here, where I discuss app hosting options for the SharePoint 2013 app model.

The SharePoint Developers Guide to Project Server 2010

TechEd Australia | September 2011
Alex Burton and I team up to talk all things Project Server development, talking you through how it works and what you need to know to get started.

Supercharging your SharePoint 2010 Solutions

TechEd Australia | September 2011
My friend Elaine van Bergen and I hit the TechEd stage to talk about some of the changes for developers with the release of SharePoint 2010.

SharePoint storage and physical architecture best practices

TechEd Australia | November 2010
AvePoint’s Garth Luke and I take you through a summary of the changes to the architecture of SharePoint in the 2010 release, and what you need to know to effectively configure a farm.

Office 2010 Anywhere, Anytime

TechEd Australia | November 2010
In my first ever TechEd appearance, Josh Heabets and I introduce some of the great ways that the 2010 version of office made it easier than ever to be productive in more places and on more devices.


SPCtv Community Around the Globe via

@ SharePoint Conference, Las Vegas | March 2014

SharePoint Saturday Sydney speaker round-up

@ SP Saturday Sydney | December 2012

Pre-session interview – Supercharging your SharePoint 2010 Solutions

@ TechEd Australia  | September 2011